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Professional Resources

Below are several organizations who work with pipe systems and design and can serve as a resource for water hammer as well as other hydraulic flow topics.

Work Smarter

It’s had enough to determine the surge or pulsation frequency in piping systems. There are tolls that can help.

Work Safer

Water hammer in your system means you are putting employees at risk. Take the steps to ensure your system is working safely for you.

Be Reliable

The ultimate goal of any piping system is to produce the product. You can’t push the product with a broken system. Educate yourself on water hammer

aft impulse water hammer pressure calculations

Simulation Software

Choosing to utilize a software tool means you are willing to invest in a long-term solution to the analysis and maintenance of your piping system.

Applied Flow Technology (AFT) has developed a unique water hammer software that takes the place of hand calculations. With precision analysis, a powerful interface, and user-friendly features, AFT Impulse is a tool you should look into.

How does it work? AFT Impulse incorporates a steady-state solver providing seamless transfer of initial conditions to the transient analysis. Steady-state solutions are determined using a modified Newton-Raphson matrix iteration. The traditional Method of Characteristics is used to solve the transient mass and momentum equations in piping systems.

Blacoh Surge Control

Transient Monitoring

Positive displacement (PD) pumps, the issues of addressing damaging pulsations caused by the stroke of the pump are all too common and unavoidable. These pulsations will often violently rattle or shake piping, causing noise, premature wear and potentially a complete break in the pipe itself or damage to valuable components in the flow path downstream of the pump.

Many times, these anomalies go undetected due to insufficient recordings. Therefore, plant operators do not know they have dangerous abnormalities until it is too late.

Blacoh’s patented SurgeWave™ Transient Monitoring System makes it possible for a user to capture these pressure fluctuations, address the pressures loads and protect their pipeline systems.

Purple Mountain Technology piping system surge consultant

Water Hammer Consulting

Water hammer and cavitation can be a big project to tackle and will take time from your workforce: time and manpower you might not have available.

Purple Mountain Technology Group specializes in surge analysis projects. Because they work directly with AFT software, PMTG engineers are able to complete projects in a fraction of the time.

Additionally, they can work with your team to model systems including Steady-State Fluid Flow Modeling, Transient Flow Analysis, Slurry Transportation, Flow Assurance, and System Review and Optimization.


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