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Pipe Force Data Export

Pipe Force Data Export

One of the many powerful features in AFT Impulse™ is the ability to calculate transient forces during a waterhammer/surge event. Waterhammer in piping systems results in unbalanced forces, particularly between changes in direction, like elbow pairs. It's not uncommon for these forces to cause damage to supporting systems when unaccommodated for.

Engineers will sometimes use hand calculations to predict these dynamic loads. However, the complexity of waterhammer loading usually renders manual methods insufficient.

Fortunately, force calculations in AFT Impulse can be exported into stress analysis tools. However, the amount of detail that should be included in a flow model can easily become overwhelming.

Simplify the Export Process. Combine Your Pipes.

Model your system to be as close to reality as possible. Simplify for system accuracy before exporting transient forces into a stress analysis software, proper supports can be designed.

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