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Can You Trust the Joukowsky Equation for Waterhammer?

Can You Trust the Joukowsky Equation for Waterhammer?

Are you using the Joukowsky equation to predict maximum surge pressures? Is it your go-to method when analyzing periods of extreme pressure changes?

If so, you are not accounting for real effects, like a wave spreading through the system or vapor-forming low pressures. The Joukowsky equation is often applied without understanding its limiting assumptions, potentially misleading engineers.

In real applications, a robust method that accounts for the complexities of pressure wave propagation is needed to solve waterhammer problems. Read on to see what can happen when the Joukowsky equation fails to give conservative results.


Can You Trust the Joukowsky Equation for Waterhammer?

Chemical Engineering Magazine contains a highly popular article that every engineer who uses the Joukowsky Equation to evaluate waterhammer, or maximum possible fluid pressure inside a pipe, should read.

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