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Ensure pipes can handle the forces they are submitted to Email not displaying correctly?
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Ensure dynamic loads on pipes can
handle the forces they are submitted to

ASME B31.3 Process Piping:
"Max stress from the surge pressure shall not exceed
1.33 times the allowable stress for the operating temperature."

Why do engineers need to retrieve dynamic forces on pipes, from surge,
to perform stress analysis? Waterhammer imbalances must be
considered during the design of structural supports as they
must be able to handle the forces they will be submitted to.

It's nearly impossible to analyze pressure behaviors by hand. 
It's more accurate to use modeling tools like AFT Impulse to generate force results. It's even easier to take those forces and export them into pipe stress analysis software. Programs such as Caesar II, TRIFLEX, or ROHR2 can determine the amount and type of support your system will need to hold up against waterhammer events. 


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Calculate Transient Forces
For Pipe Stress Analysis

It's natural for process or mechanical engineers to understand how surge leads to high pressures, and that materials need to be able
to withstand those. There are unbalanced (dynamic) forces that hit pipe sections.
Impulse will give you those forces to then use for stress analysis. Check out the webinar below.

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Still have questions after watching the webinar? Check out this Q&A Blog, containing 28 questions and answers surrounding the video.

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Accurately Predict Transient
Forces in Piping Systems

Part 1: Fundamentals
Part 2: Application

Calculating transient forces on a piping assembly may appear to be a straightforward task. However, the complexities of control volume definition, accurate bookkeeping of signs, and challenging determination of some transient terms creates complication. This leads some engineers to use the Endpoint Pressure Method to streamline the problem. Read how this method is incomplete, and in some cases dramatically misestimates the force values.   

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No matter your user level with AFT software products, we have training and assistance available
to help you continue your education, or tools to advance your knowledge to expert levels.
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Predicting Transient Pipe Forces
Caused by Water and Steam Hammer

Transient Pipe Forces can reach magnitudes upwards
of 10,000 lbf (50 kN) during routine operations such as
valve closures or pump trips. The only practical way
to safely and confidently calculate such forces is with
fully-featured fluid transient simulation tools like
AFT Impulse and AFT xStream. Learn why and
how to confidently validate your force values.


Importance of Valve Inherent
Characteristics for Waterhammer Analysis
Wednesday, October 19, 2022
10 - 11:00 AM (MDT)

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An in-depth look at valve behavior and how that can effect the waterhammer simulation results
for the pressure response of a valve closure.
This will include a discussion on the difference
of inherent c​haracteristics vs. installed characteristics.



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