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Providing flow modeling expertise for over 20 years, Purple Mountain Technology Group offers comprehensive consulting services covering a wide range of system types, in many different industries, all over the world. 

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Purple Mountain Technology Group Abstracts & Papers

Benchmarking: A Critical Step in Change to Nuclear Safety System

Nuclear power plants regularly utilize raw (untreated) water for cooling purposes. Explore what the Duke McGuire Nuclear Station did when they needed to calibrate their existing raw water system and evaluate the effect of a proposed engineering change (EC) to the system.

Hydraulic Model Calibration of a Nuclear Plant Service Water System

As pipe networks age, build-up [scaling] and corrosion decrease pipe diameter and increase pipe roughness, leading to significant pressure drops and lower flow rates. Calibrating the pipes to account for additional scaling and/or fouling can be vital to accurately predicting the hydraulic behavior of the system. 

.25M Savings from Surge Suppression Analysis

In an effort to increase storage and transfer capacity, a fuel oil terminal in Texas is undergoing an expansion for which a transient surge analysis had to be performed This involved sizing and establishing cracking pressures, locating surge relief valves throughout the terminal and determining automation logic for pump trips and valve closures.

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