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Case Studies & Papers


Case Studies

Overpressure safety issue case study

Overpressure Safety Issue Resolved By Modifying Subsea Valve Operations

Hatch, United Kingdom

Desalinization Plant Reduce Shutdowns

Desalinization Plant Reduce Shutdowns and Saves 5,000 Annually

Procure SPA Santiago, Chile

Booster Pump Sizing Case Study

Booster Pump Sizing Avoids Contamination Issue at Tailings Facility

Stone Oil & Gas Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Surge Pressure Forces Reduction Case Study

Surge Pressures and Forces Reduced on Offshore Oil Platform

Wood Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Offshore Oil Rig Water Injection Case Study

Safety of Offshore Oil Rig Sea Water Injection System Validated

Daisy Ambach Hatch, United Kingdom

Efficient Surge Transient Analysis Case Study

Significant Man-Hours Saved
to Analyze Surge Transients

Fluor Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

Pumping Station Check Valve Case Study

Data Match For Pumping
Station Check Valve Closure

AQUATEC (SUEZ Group) Tibidabo Pumping Station, Barcelona, Spain

mixed bed polishers case study

Ingenero Solves Pipe Failures
in Mixed Bed Polishers

Ingenero Technologies Mumbai, India

creative pump trip engineering case study

Creative Modeling Technique for Multiple Pump Trip Conditions

Access Pipeline Inc. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Validates Flow Rate Increase at LNG Plant

Validation of Flow Rate Increase at Liquefied Natural Gas Plant

CB&I Inc. Plainfield, Illinois, USA

AFT Impulse Allows Space Launch System Expansion with Minimal Environmental Impact

Simplifying Design of Complicated Water Deluge System

Reynolds, Smith & Hills, Inc. Merritt Island, Florida, USA

AFT Impulse Saves Time & Effort in Pump Trip Evaluation: Natural Gas Power Plant

Saving Time & Effort in Pump Trip Evaluation: Natural Gas Power Plant

Kiewit Power Engineers Lenexa, Kansas, USA

AFT Impulse Finds Solution to Mitigate Surge Risk in Oil Pipeline

Solutions to Mitigate Surge
Risk in Oil Pipeline

URS Chicago, Illinois, USA

Launch system expansion case study

Space Launch System Expansion with Minimal Environmental Impact

Reynolds, Smith and Hills Inc. Merritt Island, FL, USA

Crude Oil Booster Pump System Waterhammer Field Problem Solved with AFT Impulse

Crude Oil Booster Pump System Waterhammer Field Problem

Beta Machinery Analysis Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Cooling System Surge Analysis with AFT Impulse

Cooling System
Surge Analysis

Chicago Bridge & Iron, Process Engineering Div. Plainfield, IL, USA


Rocket Launch image

Rocket Propellant Line Waterhammer Transients In a Variable-G Environment

Evaluate Dynamic Loads in Piping System

Evaluating Dynamic Loads in Piping Systems Caused by Waterhammer

Low Pressure transients case study

Addressing Low Pressure Transients

When the Joukowsky Equation Does Not Predict Maximum Water Hammer Pressures

surge at a marine fuel terminal

Surge Mitigation In a Marine Fuel Oil Terminal

understand waterhammer

Understanding Waterhammer in Pumping Systems and Surge Suppression Options

surge due to check valve at water station

Surge Transients Due to Check Valve Closure in a Municipal Water Pumping Station

Making the World a Safer and Better Place – a Plea for More Data, Validation Cases and Guidelines for Waterhammer Simulation

four quadrant pump data in surge

Unappreciated Challenges in Applying Four Quadrant Pump Data to Waterhammer Simulation.
Part 1: Fundamentals
Part 2: Application Examples

four quadrant pump data simulation

Pump Specific Speed And Four Quadrant Data In Waterhammer Simulation – Taking Another Look

waterhammer predictions under cavitation

A Proposed Guideline for Applying Waterhammer Predictions Under Transient Cavitation Conditions
Part 1: Pressures
Part 2: Imbalanced Forces

Pulsation Analysis in Positive Displacement Pump Systems Using Waterhammer, Modal and Animation Software

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