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Waterhammer and surge can be challenging topics. It is challenging to understand the phenomena, and it is
challenging to determine the best solution for each system. This site can help answer these question and provide
efficient solutions to mitigate these harmful transient effects in pumping systems. 


What is water hammer phenomenon?

Water hammer is a general term for pressure waves resulting from a sudden change in fluid velocity, such as during a valve closure or pump transient event.


Waterhammer is a serious safety issue for any high-production hydraulic facility. Your hydraulic piping system will continue to abnormally pulsate until it causes severe damage.



Add an extension to your team by utilizing a qualified contract consultant to help analyze, model, and simulate your piping system. The long-term maintenance benefits far outweigh the initial cost.

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Who We Are

This website is a resource meant to raise awareness about waterhammer, a major issue within the world of hydraulic piping systems. It is owned and maintained by Applied Flow Technology (AFT) who is an industry-leading provider of waterhammer / surge analysis software called AFT Impulse. With partners in over 80 countries, AFT has helped many companies identify and troubleshoot waterhammer / surge in their systems. 

AFT engineers have written and presented several published papers and have spoken at prestigious conferences such as the BHR Group Pressure Surges Conference on waterhammer effects and solutions. 

Knowing that this is a specialized phenomena, AFT's goal for this page is to serve as a resource for all engineers around the world to better understand it.

If you work with hydraulic piping systems, you have heard waterhammer in your pipes.

Waterhammer (also called fluid hammer) is a pressure surge caused when a fluid in motion is suddenly forced to stop. The most common occurrence is when a valve closes at an end of a pipeline system. The sudden closure creates a pressure spike / wave 4-8 times the normal flowing pressure which leads to a vacuum condition within the pipe. Undiagnosed water hammer will cause major problems including burst pipes.

Which industries experience waterhammer? Liquid systems containing: 


Petroleum and refined products

Chemical products




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